Joe Schoen — Visual Foundation Studio Blog 13

This week we continued working on our Editorial Design assignments. We had our first round of critiques last week and improved our projects based on the feedback we received in the previous class. It was very interesting to see everyone’s designs for their project.

The feedback that I received, as did most of the students in class, was that my text was too condensed and had little room to breathe, and I was suggested that I separate the text more and use more relevant images. I followed up on these suggestions when I worked on my assignment over the weekend. The results of my work so far are shown below.

In my assignment, I separated the text more frequently by placing images in between paragraphs to give the text more breathing room. The images I used were also more relevant to the topic of the essay than when I began this assignment. I also changed the text from Minion Pro to Myriad Pro Condensed. I also plan on color coding the text based on what topic is being talked about.



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